Thursday, May 13, 2021

Day Nine: Back to the Gym: the Ordinary is Nice


Since we have moved into a world post-vaccination, one of the joys of my former life has returned: a good workout twice a week, with walking and stretching in between.

I do believe I may have perhaps mentioned it once or twice before; but DON’T GIVE UP. Keep moving, do it slowly and carefully if you have to, but move. Life is in constant movement and if you stop moving, you lose a part of the vitality and enjoyment of all that it is. I wrote in 2014,

And I have a 2021 update, which is not perfectly fabulous, but hopefully it’s encouraging. My thumb joint and wrist are still rather stupid, weak and probably painful because I can’t give up knitting. So be it. A good, brilliant friend invited me to try these contraptions: New Grips which were made for weightlifting. As illustrated below, doing wall push-ups to build strength back up before real ones.

They do grip nicely, and when you keep your thumb in the same plane as your fingers, it takes all pressure off of the thumb joint. I can wrap the wrist part tight enough to help with the wrist pain, but if the thumb moves while lifting, it is not good news. I am still bringing my own super tiny dumbells to class to make it doable. I feel ridunkulous, but not stationary. Did they have to be bright pink (1 lb), bright, light blue (2 lb) and neon pink (3 lb)? We don't like to feel that girly at the gym, folks, try black maybe?

Do small, do something, do you, but move a bit. All of you will thank you.  

Tomorrow I will write about anticipation, the good, the bad and the lovely. What is good anticipation in your world? There has been a lot of it, hasn't there?

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