Saturday, October 18, 2008

Small requests

My four-year-old, also child number four in the line-up of the family, is a source of many joys and laughs. He is a gentle soul, in the midst of some rather out-spoken souls that abound in our house. He sort of knows his place in life and stays there. His way of phrasing requests attests to that. Before using the potty the other day, he stuck his head in the kitchen to ask:

-Mommy, can you wipe me, when you're done doing, ah, everything?

At other times, he insists on his share of affection, like at bedtime the other night. We were having our good night hug and he did not let go. He said;

-Hug me forever.

I said, sure, and held on, knowing a good thing when I saw it. As we were into our long-term cuddle, he added;

-Hug me forever, let go for breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper and then let's hug again.

My answer: