Thursday, February 27, 2020

Taking Measure

The fated day has arrived, and like most fated days, it has come in small, quiet steps, right up to one's door. In this case, it was to my knee, then my waist, then my shoulder, and now, past the top of my head. My youngest child is taller than me. It happened last night, sometime in the night between Wednesday and the early hours of rising and getting ready for our day. He went to bed under 5'3" (161cm) and woke up an inch over that mark. I swear. 

It gave me pause, but not, I suspect, anyone else. They will continue to grow and celebrate each half inch, each victory and new experience along their path, and so will I, just from somewhere slightly lower in the atmosphere. 

The "right way" to take a selfie, according to the one in the middle.

Our oldest in her very own apartment, Christmas tree and all. 

As soon as I set my phone down anywhere in the vicinity of this one (either, actually)...this happens. 

It looks like my phone camera is on its last useful legs, but if these amuse me, or you, they will do. 

Monday, February 17, 2020

Stoicism Tossed Out

Stoicism has its ups...but oh, the downs! I wrote about it in a positive light in an earlier post, as a way of creating a braver, better attitude about life.  I've rethunk my thought a little. Blame the insomnia.

If we can agree that it is vital to accept what is and move forward in life, for our well-being, the dwelling upon of how bad it might really be to achieve greater enlightenment is NOT a tool for a worrying-sort of mother. 

Not homeschooling anymore? No toddlers at home? (I do love babies.) Another child prepping to leave home for college? O.K., that's cool, life does go on, you know. I recognize that I have been grieving the homeschooling life we once led, but overall, what a marvelous existence it is. And hey; "It could be worse."

...and BING, there goes my overactive imagination, straight to any number; did I say any number? no, to an insanely high number of scenarios which the children that I cannot physically see right in front of me might be facing right this very minute. Or in the future. The future is uncertain. No one knows what might happen then; in 45 million years there might not even be an earth, and today at 3pm, there could be an X     Y     Z, fill-in-the-blank disaster. 

You see what I mean? The things that keep a parent awake at 4 in the morning, are the things, in the end, we are better off not contemplating on a daily basis. Thanks anyway, Stoics. I'll take my gratitude undiluted by the addition of having first considered what is NOT wrong. 

So, the kids are growing and thriving, my husband is healthy and happy, and I am fully appreciative of these simple facts. It is everything to me. I have no need of putting myself into a sad place on purpose to be reminded of how sweet life is. As a matter of fact, now that a little free time has opened up once in a while, I plan on enjoying that time doing something perfectly marvelous; an exercise class, cooking, reading, knitting, or; my puppy's favorite; taking a long walk in the woods. Someone else can exercise their right to imagine the worst.