Saturday, March 23, 2013

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Ode to a Thank You Note

Sent from the heart
To let you know
"you made my day"
"it arrived just fine"
"you made me smile"
"it mattered."
Thank you
Grazie mille.
Even if
I waited 3 months
I am grateful.

Monday, March 11, 2013

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Families with Animals/Les Familles avec des Animaux

Good dog, Tuxy, is taking his morning nap in his bed, on the sofa by the window. He is wise beyond humans. It is pouring down rain and he has the very good sense not to stir out of doors or in until it becomes absolutely necessary. At 6am, he finds no reason to do anything but nestle down in his cushion and wait.

Le bon chien, Tuxy, fait sa sieste matinale dans son lit, sur le canapé, pres de la fenetre. Il est sage audela des etres humains. Il pleut des cordes et il a le bon sens de ne pas sortir jusqu'a ce que cela devient absolument necessaire.