Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bats are Nice Creatures

I grew up in a house that we shared with bats. It was not a friendly situation. The bat would appear and the tennis racket would come out as we all shrunk in terror. Maybe I would have had a different attitude had I known what I know today about the importance and character of bats, maybe not. When there is one loose, swooping around your bedroom, the overall desire is one to flee or remove it, but I have chosen, in my blissfully bat-free home, to educate the kids differently. 

We have read stories about bats and talked about them when we see them in the night sky and in caves as good little beasties. Last week's library program did a great deal to cement this attitude, as we learned more about bats than I ever knew, and discovered how very soft and cute they are, in person.

Look; Bats! What we Learned at the Library This Week

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Mrs.Peterson Shares Her Bat Knowledge, and an Egyptian Fruit Bat

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Woodworking: Aragorn's Skateboard Ramp, stage 1

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Family Vacation

We are having a very American summer. We went camping for a week, not four like the French, and not in September like homeschoolers, but one week in July, in 100+ degrees. The choice of lieu was easy; near enough to our sailboat which is docked at a lake in Iowa. A cabin sounded like an easier choice than trying to fit everything to do with tent camping into the car. (It was still awfully hard to get everything in the car, if we wanted to bring the kids and the equipment.)

It was a beautiful, serene location. We had a forest for a backyard.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Painting, Camping, Sailing

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Motivation, Pride and...Stupid Accidents

After experiencing the rather desperate search for a solution to my apparent "weight-loss resistance" that accompanies hypothyroidism*, I had an epiphany, just yesterday, sitting at the library. I guess I had been hoping that one last 3-day cleanse, 2 more weeks without wine or chocolate, protein drinks and nothing else until dinner would be the magic ticket, the end to my extra pounds. I do know better. I don't believe in dieting, I believe in food, I love food. So, anyway, while skimming over an article in, of all places, French Vogue, (it was in French and I had a free moment), I had one of those run-ins with enlightenment. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

No Pride...Just Joy

How pleasant it is when you find out what kind things your children are up to, either through direct consequences or from someone else. Children have sweet, kind hearts that are often well hidden from their families through daily conflict and sibling rivalry. However, if I open my eyes for a moment, it is easy to see that goodness shining through in each of them.

I returned home from work earlier than expected, yesterday morning and found everyone eating the meal that I had planned on preparing for them. Lily apparently was up to her ears in cries of "I'm hungry!" and decided to make them lunch. That was very nice, but the unexpected part was that she had made me my very own salad, with turkey, feta, tomatoes and olives, all ready to go, awaiting just the vinagrette.  I was touched.

I found out from the neighbor across the street that after Aragorn had animal sat for her for a week, he had refused payment for his help. She was impressed, and that's a special sort of warm fuzzy for a mother. Especially when he was scooping cat poo for a week.