Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Minimalist Winter Fitness

The Midwest, like many places, is not the best place to get in a good daily walk or run, or even play in the backyard, in the winter. If there is snow, it is glorious for sledding, skiing and building forts for hours on end. Provided the wind chill is not in the "you will freeze within 5 minutes if you do not find shelter," range.

But a woman's gotta move if she does not want to go crazy around here (things have been on the wilder side of nuts).  My sweet, active, normally very helpful husband was down with a knee injury, one kid is in a wrist brace after multiple appointments with the same orthopedic people husband saw the week before). The immediate need for restructuring of a scout troop after the death of my sons' beloved scoutmaster, a very important sanctuary project getting underway at our church, preparation for one kiddo's audition for a creative arts academy, and show choir season beginning for another. And the flu; did I mention the flu? 

They are not all on a par, but they do have one thing in common; they are part of life's messiness that sucks time out of a day and leaves you flabby and cranky because you did not take a nanosecond to exercise. Bodypump is a class my husband and I normally do together, and the inspiration to get up all alone at 5 is lacking when the warm body next to yours is still slumbering.

The plan; DO IT FIRST and put the basement/living room/bedroom space to good use. Did you think that was simply a spot to house your recliner and telly?

One mini-trampoline, one screen and two DVDs. Cardio: 30-45 minutes on the mini-trampoline while watching the only tv I ever take time to watch, or listening to an audiobook (yesterday I tried to read a novel I'd unwisely gotten caught up slows one down, or makes you nauseous as the words jump around a bit), and a half-hour or so of Essentrics to stretch it out, relieve pain that can come with intense exercise or because of hypermobility and make my day more comfortable. There are days when I cannot do both, and days when I spend more time on one or both. The only real secret is to do it. Go. Turn off the screen. See you later.