You have within you, possibilities yet unexplored. The languages you do not speak have a power to express parts of you in ways you have yet to discover. Look at French, for example and the expression; "Bon appetit." You have had the pleasure of chopping, sautéing, seasoning, mixing and baking for hours to prepare a magnificent small feast you are proud of. If only there was more to be said than; "Dig in!" The French have a way of appreciating fine cuisine that is not better, but perhaps more refined than what exists in English. Food is culture, tradition and made and served with love, not with a splat to the plastic plate. The produce has been lovingly picked out and maybe haggled over. A baguette is agreed upon according to degree of baking; "not too done", "nice and brown", or "just so." The wine is chosen according to the course, one's palette and what happens to be in the cellar this month, but always with care. The only possible phrase to celebrate a meal of this caliber must be; "bon appetit!"

Discover "le mot juste" to communicate what you want to say, what you must say, in French. The words are waiting, the adventure as well.

I will be sharing more on language learning, France and French this month. Stay tuned.