Sunday, June 26, 2022

A Bad Day...but Grieve with Hope and Text Through Telepathy

 A conservative funeral service and a cutting-edge technology conference dull the pain of a terrible choice.

-The choice to remove choice.

And encourage us to choose to use your voice to point to a better choice.

Text through telepathy.

Grieve with hope.

A doctor respecting the last wishes of his patient to choose to die makes a life-changing and hope-giving vow to change the world.

Now, past the grief has emerged the science in the name of life, of hope.

Though paralyzed, walled in silence forever more, this human being, this marvelous miracle of life, can communicate again.

She can still live through the words she offers, he can express his love, they can possess momentum.

This without the drastic breaking apart of the skull, without an intervention that was a bad invention.


...just imagine.

Now death, the inevitable guest at this funeral, lets open the crack, the chance to remember, to feel the warmth, the love, the light that was Gloria.

Says the preacher, "remember and grieve, but with hope."

Our hope may be for the next life, as brings comfort to you, or it may be

in the very kindness and service that was her life

in that it lives on and burns in these hearts too. 

Keep believing and keep inventing.

A Brain Implant that Turns your Thoughts into Text