Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sew Focused

Clearly, there are some things I cannot do in multi-tasking mode. One of them is sewing. While I sometimes upbraid myself for doing too many things at once, this is one time when I wish I was capable of it. I blame the machine. When the sewing machine has taken over my dining room table and the kids think this is a great reason to eat in front of the tv, or my father might be stopping by and spot the disaster of a workshop my dining space has become, I am absolutely incapable of putting it away until I've finished the project I've begun. Luckily, I do not often sew. There are many reasons for this.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lily and Aragorn; not screen-free in France, but not too unhappy either!

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Screen-Free Week 2012

We are beginning our post-screen-free week, as my seven-year-old is happy to remind me. What does this mean? It's a little different from last year. In years before that, the kids were too young for it to make a big difference, they were not allowed on the computer anyway. Last year, the relief for the older children, then 12 and 14, felt like the walls of the house had been sucked in and were being let out. This year, we created such a peaceful and lively enjoyment of the whole experience that it was not quite the same source of stress. The expectation was that the tv would not be turned on, so it wasn't.

Screen-Free Week 2012 in Photos

 After a kids chemistry day at a local college; home chemistry became all the rage for a day or two. Here: writing with radishes on baking soda-painted index cards.
 The First May Pole of the week; and of our lives, thank you for sharing this with us!
 The second May Pole and Beltane celebration of the week...and of our lives!
 The beautiful, wild Lake Michigan
More pics from Sunday's May Pole dance; thank you, we had such a good time!
 Visiting the French Consulate in Chicago to vote; great reception area!
 A mobile Alienor discovered at the Consulat Francais
 My favorite work of art at the Consulat
 The Museum of Science and Industry; Chicago
 The Idea Factory in the M.of Science and Industry
 The most fun in stand-behind bodies I've seen yet.
 The railroad exhibit: M.of Science and Industry
 With Daddy in the Idea Factory; just before I returned to the Fairy Castle, where I fell in love all over again. The last time I saw it was as a child. Photos are forbidden, as it is in fairy realm and kept in a semi-darkened room, but look it up here:
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