Saturday, September 27, 2008

Celebrating the festival of Michaelmas

OK, so this does not look like a celebration held in a decorous and reverent fashion, but it was a celebration in good fun, this was the play part of our day. The kids, familiar with the story of St.George and the dragon, headed to the basement to find costumes and rehearse a play they invented. It was hysterically funny, and a little wild.

Then children and adults alike came together for a time of verses and breaking bread together; pumpkin bread, and cookies and lemonade. They went outside to play and we followed to sit at the table and yack all afternoon.

A special thanks goes out to our friends who joined us who are new to the festival and who participated wholeheartedly and did not even let on that they found the whole thing a


  1. Looks like you guys had a fun time with the festival.

    "Waldorf" has opened so many doors for us. I have to admit my family was pretty narrow minded (not intentionally) in our thinking. We knew lots about our religion, but not much about other religions, and nothing about the saints and the festivals. Our family has SO enjoyed all the newness with the learning over the past couple of years. Michaelmas is one of our favorite festivals and celebrations now. :)

  2. That looks totally awesome. We'll have to add that to our calendar next year.


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