Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Twenty years

I have known my love for twenty years today. We met and fell instantly into something like infatuation within minutes on a rainy December 10th in France, twenty years ago. I walked in the door, he walked out, holding out his hand to his father for the car keys. Later that night at dinner, with the entire family present, as well as a few guests, things heated up, talk about a public courtship! But it was France and flirting was standard in this cozy atmosphere.

Dinner was a cheese fondue, and of course, if you drop your bread in the fondue, you have to take a dare. As a novice fondue participant, I dropped most of my bread into the pot with each try. The naughty dare was issued but not seized upon; "you have to sleep with me." It was all in jest, mostly, at least for that night.

And then, five years later, we were married, not far from that first meeting, in the town hall of a village that is so tiny it can't even be granted the title of "town." Many addresses, fifteen years and five children wealthier, we are celebrating.

Happy Anniversary, mon amour!


  1. Twenty years, Ange? Omigod, now I'm really feeling old! It's lovely to see your lives in your blog (so much less stressful than hearing about it from my local contact!) I've bookmarked it and will be coming back. Thanks for coming to visit Gunnar. I'm glad you at least met him. He was, indeed, very special.

  2. Congratulations!! We think of you guys all the time. Hope all is well in Iowa. Tricia

  3. Thank you, Anne, for the congrats. I love your blog, a real treasure of beautiful prose and sweet stories. What an honor to have you look at mine!

  4. Thank you, Tricia! I bet you don't think of us as often as we think of you, looking at "your" house across the street! I mentioned you at my playgroup yesterday, and someone who had never met you knew who you were!

    Hugs to you all!

  5. What a lovely story! Thanks for sharing...

  6. Linda,

    Thank you for writing! I have been to your Waldorf toy blog and came out amazed, what wonderful knitted toys! The yarn is luscious and the finished animal a wonder each time.


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