Friday, January 16, 2009

Sunrise; for sale

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  1. What a cute boat! Where do you have it docked? How many feet is it? And what are you asking?

  2. Thank you, we have loved our little Sunrise, since we first sailed her on Red Rock Lake, then towed her to the far side of Iowa on the Mississippi.

    The boat is at Sunset Marina in Rock Island in this picture, but is now under wraps in my front yard, across the river in Iowa.

    It's a 22 footer, with a cabin that sleeps 2-3 and bunks along the sides for 21/2 more (like Mom and baby for that half).

    Asking price: $5250

  3. So glad to see the new posts of yours! I cracked up laughing over the Christmas cookie post. And please tell Cate I also loved Harriet the Spy when I was her age. :)

  4. Thanks, Tammy! I will tell Cate, she hears all about your girls and their endeavors on a regular basis. I wish you a long, happy run of your blog...


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