Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The kids don't know it yet, but I am putting off the beginning of the school year by one more week. It is only July, and the thought of starting at the beginning of August as planned leaves me lukewarm, at best, and feeling like a cruel mother at worst. Not that homeschooling is particularly time-consuming in terms of hours in a day that we are all actually studying, writing and doing math. But it is summer, and it has been a cool one. It has also been a busy one. Almost no time that has felt lazy and unfilled with activity and obligation. We need a good couple of weeks of lazy and relaxation, and hopefully boredom to motivate a desire for more. If the hot days are about to begin, I want to be able to enjoy the beach, the garden, (and hide inside in the air-conditioning when I need to.)

This weekend was perfect; we picked up our eldest, who had spent almost a week with her grandparents in Dubuque. While we were there, Thierry and I made the most of the weekend before our anniversary to leave all of the children with grandma and grandpa and spend a lovely afternoon in Galena. We strolled the streets, window-shopped (with the exception of the yarn shop, which I spent as much time in as I could romantically allow myself. To be fair, it really is a fantastic yarn shop). We had a leisurely lunch, fudge from the candy shop I went nuts in as a kid, and coffee from a newer coffee shop across the way by the railroad station. The weather was perfect, the ambiance relaxed and us-focused. That felt like summer.

Yesterday the children and I took a bike ride at the time I should have been preparing lunch, the worst time of the day for sun exposure, and it was lovely. We accomplished nothing else the whole day except lunch and dinner. That felt like summer too.

I wish you many days of summer-like feeling for the rest of the season. Store up some sunshine before winter arrives. My plan for today; visit my tomato plants, plan our math block in detail, knit a bit (socks), finish up the laundry I began, go to the library, make lunch, take a nap with baby, read a story to the kids (Treasure Island right now), make dinner while they build a snowboard with Daddy, go to bed. Lazy enough for a mother of five!


  1. "We need a good couple of weeks of lazy and relaxation, and hopefully boredom to motivate a desire for more."...this is so true. Summer should end with at least a week or two of this. :)

    We were so busy for so long, but have been so deliciously lazy of late. The relaxation has definitely helped us become motivated to start school up again, though. The girls really want to begin next Monday, but I'm pushing for just another week or lazy relaxation, lol!

    And like you, I'm trying to store up all of the last rays of sunshine before the fall and winter months are here. It would be so much fun to just sit and sip lemonade together with you and watch all of the kids run wild and play. :)

  2. All right; so get in your car and head to Iowa!!! It would be so great to meet you in person!

    We're still not bored, but we had a good week, lots of sun and beach in between the thunderstorms, and we are ready to least I am, they seem to be sleeping in, lol!


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