Monday, September 14, 2009

LAKE SUPERIOR, as told by Lily , age 12

This is the story of our vacation. Before I start though, I am going to give you a summary on Lake Superior, so you get to know more about it.

Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in North America, and one of the three largest freshwater lakes in the world. It is also the largest of the great lakes of North America.

Lake Superior has a number of islands on it, but the ones we saw while on vacation are the Apostle Islands, a group of island clustered together in one part of lake superior.

Lake Superior is 160 miles wide, and 350 miles long. Its surface area is 31,820 square miles. Lake Superior is 1,392 feet at its deepest.

On July 30Th, 1985, American immunologist J. Val Klump was on a scientific expedition when he reached the depth of 733 feet in lake Superior.

September 7th, Monday, 2009, Labor Day

Today was the first day of our vacation, and we had to get up at 3:00 am to hit the road for a ten hour drive to lake Superior. We drove for most of the day, stopping three times at gas stations to eat and use the restroom. Finally, after looking at three different campgrounds, we decided on Little Sand Bay. By then it was about 4:00 pm, and we were glad to get out of the car. We went for a swim in the huge and beautiful lake Superior, which was clean, but very cold.Later, we headed out to the nearby town of Bayfield to eat. After getting a pizza and eating it on the beach, we set up our tent and went to bed.

September 8Th, Tuesday, 2009

After a tiring night in the tent, we got up and went for a hike along the beach. We ate lunch, then went back to the beach in swimwear, where we spent seven hours in the cold water. Later, we ate supper and went to bed.

September 9Th, Wednesday,2009

This morning we drove to Bayfield to find a laundry mat, and a grocery store. After doing our laundry and buying food, we went to dairy queen, then back to our campsite. After lunch we went to the beach, but is was to cold today to stay long, so we spent the rest of the afternoon at the campsite, carving with pocket knives. Supper was a nightmare. We had bought dinner in a cup for supper, but it have to be microwaved, so we had cold chicken noodle soup and easy mac, then went to bed.

September 10Th, Thursday, 2009

We spent the morning at the campsite, but ate lunch on the beach. Then we drove around for a while, hoping to rent a canoe, but when we could not find anything, we went to the beach and ate supper there.

September 11Th, Friday, 2009

Today we spent the morning packing and going to the beach, then set off at 12:00 pm to go to lake Pepin, the next stop on our trip. At three we stopped by pizza hut, then went on. At six we got to cobblestone inn and suites for the night. We slept very well there.

September 12Th, Saturday, 2009

After a wonderful breakfast at a hotel, we drove for twenty minutes to the town of Pepin, home and birthplace of pioneer Laura Ingalls Wilder. Today was a sort of fair for Laura days. We stayed until about two, then drove for five hours until we got home. It felt good at home.

That is the story of our vacation, and I am sorry if it was not to well written, as I am new to this kind of thing. I hope you enjoyed it all the same.

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  1. Oh I surely did enjoy reading this!

    I would love to visit the town of Pepin...we are all huge Laura & Little House fans here. :)


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