Thursday, June 23, 2011

Food and Non-food

What do you eat? We've narrowed it down considerably in our home; we only eat it if it qualifies as food. That, however, is a point up for clarification and debate! What is your family's definition of food? Here is a great post on the less desirable ingredients included in a typical grocery store's aisles:


  1. Angela, Thanks for your comments on my blog. It is scary! I've been emailing this morning to pin down answers on rGBH. From Hy-Vee: Hy-Vee brand milk is rGBH free. Cheese, butter, yogurt are not. Still waiting to hear back from Fareway!

  2. If it has no label it's food. LOL. Never saw a label on an apple. We continue to try and get away from processed foods.

  3. Take care of health and nature. Meet and help the little producers of vegetables to stay alive, get eggs directly from the hen of the farm next door. Buy local even if it reduces choice and cook ! Take time to each other. Simply take time, that's what we try to... et les aliments reprennent goût !
    Bon appétit !

  4. Thanks for the further info, Michelle! Glad to hear the milk is rGBH free, but where do they get the cows that make cheese? (You would think they would all live together in a big barn somewhere.) I'll be watching your blog for more updates!

  5. Oui, Bleu Chine! Time is the first and most necessary ingredient in eating and living right. The hardest one to find as well.


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