Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Homemade Toys this Year

I am trying to calm my spirit and the mood of our home to the quiet of the Advent season. The weather has finally obliged by turning cold with sometimes darker skies, the retail business has not.

We are crafting as we think of the people we love and how to offer them something special this season. I am talking a lot with the older children about the value of a gift that you make with your own hands; be it a hat, an ornament or a song you play. I also try to move us away from the gimmies and the pursuit of catalogs to make room in our hearts for compassion, peace and celebration. Arthur has already wrapped up a box of candles he made with love and Alienor has been making a present for her sister.

As we look forward to the coming Solstice, when the darkest part of the year gives way to the light of renewed hope and a new day, I am sharing a series of photos of some of the toys we have made (or remodeled, as my childhood doll house). More will come, as I capture (literally and on film) the many dolls hiding around the house. 

What are you doing this season?

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