Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sew Focused

Clearly, there are some things I cannot do in multi-tasking mode. One of them is sewing. While I sometimes upbraid myself for doing too many things at once, this is one time when I wish I was capable of it. I blame the machine. When the sewing machine has taken over my dining room table and the kids think this is a great reason to eat in front of the tv, or my father might be stopping by and spot the disaster of a workshop my dining space has become, I am absolutely incapable of putting it away until I've finished the project I've begun. Luckily, I do not often sew. There are many reasons for this.

However, recent times have required many hours of cutting and stitching and everything else is the worse for wear; including any writing, reading or knitting. The dance troupe I am part of believes it is a good idea for everyone to further their education by sewing their own costumes. It is undoubtedly a good idea, I've learned much in the past few weeks, but I still stink at sewing. As the puppy frolicked across the huge, white sheet of fabric I'd laid out on the floor, I had second and third thoughts about the whole thing. I also threatened to lock Tuxey in his kennel for the next 24 hours. Once I had cut, stitched and dyed the fabric a lovely shade of chocolate rose (should have left the dye in longer), I was happier with the process. Our small canine was happier too, he liked taking a nap on the pretty brownish skirt while I ripped out the waistband yesterday in order to start over.

Thank goodness for friends. While I did a lot of sewing, or what felt like really a ton of sewing for me; 20 yards of hem (8 for my daughter, 12 for me), two waistbands and one pair of harem pants, three friends contributed to my costume in major ways. They all showed extraordinary patience, each in their own way. There was the one who let me hang out with her for hours, loaning me patterns and helping me cut them out.  Another talented lady actually sewed half the garb herself, the complicated bits, of course. She made me a vest so beautiful I want to wear it every day.  Then there was dear J. who took panicked phone calls at all hours and then spent yesterday afternoon re-pinning half of everything so that I can make it fit my body for the next time that I dance. Oh, and I can't forget the sweet girl who pinned me into my costume to dance on Sunday because the buttons would not stay buttoned, and told me I looked great anyway. Merci mille fois!

My husband has been unusually patient as well. This may have something to do with gaining in wisdom with his years. He knows how to manage my crisies of project angst now. Just let me get through it and life will eventually return to normal. Then again, I secretly suspect that he likes eating in front of the tv too.

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  1. How long before we get to see you in a public performance?


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