Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bats are Nice Creatures

I grew up in a house that we shared with bats. It was not a friendly situation. The bat would appear and the tennis racket would come out as we all shrunk in terror. Maybe I would have had a different attitude had I known what I know today about the importance and character of bats, maybe not. When there is one loose, swooping around your bedroom, the overall desire is one to flee or remove it, but I have chosen, in my blissfully bat-free home, to educate the kids differently. 

We have read stories about bats and talked about them when we see them in the night sky and in caves as good little beasties. Last week's library program did a great deal to cement this attitude, as we learned more about bats than I ever knew, and discovered how very soft and cute they are, in person.

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