Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanks and No Thanks: Black Friday Blues

It is our traditional day in the United States to gather with family and friends and give thanks as we feast on a fabulous meal. Or it used to be, until the big stores decided to make the horror that is Black Friday even worse by extending it into Thanksgiving Day. I will have to miss my sister and her entire family today, because rampant consumerism has pushed out even the one holiday most Americans agree on in order to declare it a huge day of SHOPPING. 

She has had to work at increasingly odd hours the past few years as the giant retail store she works for engages in an arms race to see who can open the earliest on Black Friday. Now the deal is sealed; she has to work on Thanksgiving Day. 

As for our family; we will be sitting out both days in the good old tradition of "National Buy Nothing Day" in which we peacefully and passively protest the need to shop while enjoying Thanksgiving and then afternoons in front of the fireplace, eating popcorn and playing games.

I wish you were here, Amy.

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