Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Best Soup Ever...(if you can keep from gagging)

The image below is not straight out of a book of horror; it is of the ingredients to make the most scrumptious and nutritious chicken broth/stock ever. These are chicken feet donated from chickens who, up to that one fateful day, lived a good, happy life of barnyard bird, free-roaming and even loved, in a  funny sort of way.
Once a year or so, I get up the courage to request a grocery bag full of feet from the farmer who sells us chickens and eggs. She graciously hands them over for free, and I head back to my kitchen with thoughts of the great stock we will have for soup-making, the fun I will have with the kids (they can't stand to see the feet once I've peeled them), and some dread of starting this process over again.

It's not hard, just a little time-consuming and a little stinky. I have a hard time figuring out how long they need to be in boiling water before the skin will come off, and how long will be that crucial moment of too long, the skin is now boiled on for good. There are a number of good blogs with explanations out there, should you wish to try the process. Just google; "chicken stock from feet". I will not attempt to write about it, since I am far from mastering it, but let me know if you are a broth-maker and any tips and techniques you may have. I might even be brave enough to get another bag of feet this year!

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