Thursday, April 11, 2013


That season where one wakes up full of life and enthusiasm for cleaning and decluttering and new beginnings...and immediately gets whacked with the fact that it IS warmer, the kids will want to go outside...inbetween the periods of intense rainfall. They will come back in full of mud and your house will soon look the same way.

But this is not to be a humbug post, just an intro to the annual spring happiness and madness invading the house. We began with a basement renovation; details to follow. I have moved on to removing as much as I possibly can from the house so it can look fresh and welcoming and comfortable. I'll tackle the decorating as I go along...or later. Windows were done on Saturday. On Sunday it began to rain and it has not stopped is Thursday.

Schoolwise, the only things that make sense right now are beginning botany with Valentine and reading aloud "Farmer Boy" with visions of growing things, riding horses, baking and knitting. I attended a conference on immigration and language last weekend and ended up in one session all about Montessori math. It was inspiring and has led us to lessons with lots of cuisinaire rod use this week, with the intention of picking up some Montessori-style hundred and thousand blocks of beautiful beads.

A book I am in love with, geeky me, was loaned to me by a friend, and I will eventually give it back, but it is so much fun. Everything from the much-disputed history of Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall to obscure rhymes that I am discovering for the first time, in all of their written and remembered oral versions, like:

Right fol de riddle del,
A yard of pudding's not an ell,
Not forgetting didderum hi,
A taylor's goose can never fly.

This last is the version recalled by George Bernard Shaw from his childhood, which differs from another three versions. How could I not love it?

In my springtime zeal, I also checked out the entire homecare and decluttering section of our library last week. There are three books on hold for me that were not available, I will give a succinct review of my faves next week.

Coming next: more about our basement makeover, maybe even with pictures. Happy April!


  1. Love the new pictures at the top of the page. Send some decluttering energy and willpower my way. I bought enough pony beads to make my own tens and hundred stings for Montessori math and never got to it. Wonder where those went? I know they're still here somewhere.

  2. Thank you for stopping by, Amy! I hate it when my supplies go missing. The new space in the basement has a shelf just for my sewing, knitting and other sorts of craft supplies. I'm looking forward to having it all in one place. Hey, let's bounce that energy and willpower back and forth through cyperspace, why don't we? Florida one day, Iowa the next, boing, boing, gives you time for a down day in between.


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