Friday, May 3, 2013

The Woods in Springtime

With fabulous weather, until today, which we will simply discount from the other days of this week, it being Friday and not really needing it, we have been outside a great deal this week. It made the whole "screen-free week" simply fly by. (Did I mention it was National Screen-Free Week? The week of the year that makes me want to through away the telly for good each year?)

Yesterday, on a bike ride with V., I noted the feathery new growth on the trees and shrubs of our woods along Duck Creek. Pale, illuminated green against the dark wood of the undergrowth. I could see the places where the fairies had just passed, moments before. One could also see how the shadows of the sunlight pouring through the branches would hide and blur the shapes of the witch hunters centuries before, chasing after a dark-haired, barefooted girl who is trying hard not to breathe hard, not to laugh, and casting spells after her as fast as she can speak them. 

Too much Terry Pratchett before breakfast, burp, sorry.

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