Saturday, November 30, 2013

Help for Extreme Eczema

I have been suffering from ever-worsening eczema for 11 years. Finally, after consulting the University of Iowa's top specialists and hearing that they cannot test for allergies on an adult beyond the normal panels (already done) and the patch panels for topical sensitivities (that done too), and that sometimes skin just reacts to something undetectable, I followed the last recommendation. This one came after cortisone creams, allergy pills, glove-wearing and prednisone...oh, and bleach baths. Being super-sensitive to bleach, I did not think this was the best idea ever, but they were the specialists, right? Ouch.

I have also been on every supplement ever tried, some helped for awhile, had acupuncture, chiropractic care and many cleanses, some of those helped too.  Here it is, the last-ditch, MIRACULOUS treatment (it is also prohibitively expensive without health insurance, I am sorry to say.)

Light therapy; wherein you stick your oil-coated hands into a little box, sporting sunglasses and a little patience, and wait for 20 seconds while you toast. You can read about it here: I am up to a 3-minute slot, and if you wish, you may click on a link that will take you to my before pictures. They are rather graphic and I do not want to be reminded of how bad it was just a few months ago, so I am not including them here, see below. I will put in an "after" photo.  If you live around here, Dr.Kumar at: Eastern Iowa Dermatology has the machines and knows how to use them. He has carefully calibrated the therapy from very mild to increasing doses and the results have been life-changing. Thanks go out to him and his lovely staff, especially Heather and Wendy who take care of me 3 days a week.

Here is the inoffensive, little machine in Dr.Kumar's office:

And, here is my "after" photo:
Before photos can be viewed here:

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