Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Snapshot

A lot of people ask me, and I have had the same curiosity about your lives...what really happens in a typical day at your house?

I am in the role of observer today, as I recover from being ill, so from my corner of the sofa (not the one in the sun, it was taken over when I got up for a minute, so, the other sofa), I can tell you. Dad is doing dishes in the kitchen after our Sunday meal. Duncan is playing a new tune on the guitar, as Charles beats a drum to keep time. Gael is doing a slow, Native-American sort of marching dance around to the same beat. But a minute ago, the little guys were outside trying to fly a remote-control helicopter. Amazing that they did not even try it inside today.

The girls have done with their terrible bickering over who is going to clean what part of the shared bird cage and have gotten down to business. Puppy is in his bed, in the sun, looking out the window, just in case a squirrel should dare venture into his territory.

On the plate for later; lesson-planning. I've decided to make my own; horrors! worksheets for French and math for the rest of the year. I like our Spanish program, but I want the French to fit the particular needs of my family, and that's a hard bill to fit. Thierry will take the kids who want to go to the library, then to fly a kite.

I managed a picture in secret. I'll post it from my phone. Aah, and Cate has allowed me to take one of her with Lucy. Coming up.

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