Thursday, May 21, 2015

Humor Help

My sense of humor is something that seems to be tampered by my own (and my family's) intensity much of the time. I want to thank them, as well as my friends, for the many times they crack me up. Some days, I would not survive a minute more without comic relief.

I returned home from a 5-minute, "drop Cate at work," errand on Tuesday to find a car frantically signaling and my friend waving me down as I pulled into the driveway. She just needed to let me know she was kidnapping my children for a minute for a duck rescue...? Here's the story:

Then there is the daily drama with the squirrels, which, in the winter, is limited to the dog giving chase like a crazed hell hound, but in the summer, takes on a much more dire tone...
Here are a few snippits, to give you an idea, from my darling 10-year-old, who takes a positively malin pleasure in delivering his updates. "Mama, you know your new flower beds? The squirrels had a blast in there this morning." or " "Boy, the squirrels were really enthusiastic this morning out in the new flower bed! You should've seen 'em. I think one was actually doing a handstand because I could see the white fur of his belly. It looked like they were having fun."

Yesterday I glanced over at my poor, little sick boy, G., who was sort of hunched up making a funny noise. I said, "oh, sweetie, is your nose still all stuffed up?" He turns around, without saying a word. This was because his mouth was firmly attached to one end of a straw, the other being under his arm while he blew into it. The noise was something akin to a bagpipe that forgot to take its antihistamine.

Favorite links for doses of irreverant humor, my favorite kind:
The Yarn Harlot, (all about the obsession of knitting, the best!), True Facts, Cuttlefish, for Waldorf homeschoolers beginning the man and animal block; a tiny bit inappropriate, but not as bad as True Facts on Ducks, all of his animals are as funny as can be, this one is our favorite: True Facts About the Aye-Aye, because up until this video, we did not even know the aye-aye existed. We also just like to watch cute kitten videos sometimes, the latest research says it is great for productivity, and what kind of mother would I be to inhibit productivity in my children/students?

Or my latest fitness class...let's leave that for another post, shall we?

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