Thursday, June 18, 2015

Darling Graduate: Congratulations!

So, here are the photos, in case you missed the party. Thanks to Joseph Maciejko and Jay Strickland for the lovely photography! If you did not receive an invitation, you should have; my apologies! We missed you! You have been a part of this fabulous community that has helped raise these kids so far, thank you. Cate and her friend, Mina celebrated the end of homeschooling, the beginning of college and the rest of life. This is Cate with Mina, whose family clinched the question of whether or not to homeschool that had been gnawing at us for years. Mina who reads over 400 books a year; thank you to you and your wonderful family for the inspiration and years of friendship.

Little sister on the right
It was a great day for babies
The youngest of my bandits

My friend, Audrey, from Africa, and her mother and infant son, Phanuel (you can see him better below)

My wonderful neighbors, holding the darling baby, Phanuel, and my dear ol' Dad, thank you, Dad!

The parents at the end of the day; Thierry, Angela, Cecilia, Mariano

I wish I had more photos with my mom, she's the one in the middle; thank you! She, like Cecilia, Mina's mother, was a moving target, tirelessly making sure STUFF GOT DONE all day. Elizabeth, in purple, has been a true friend, math savior for my children and knitting and writing companion. I couldn't have done it without her! There are others, but if I start naming names, I will forget someone, so thank you all!'


  1. It was a lovely day and I must say, your dear ol' dad is still looking sharp, and so is your stylish mom. I am so glad I was a tiny little part of Cate's life and I am thrilled for her. Between her stellar personality, her sense of adventure, her love of learning, and wonderful self confidence, I have no doubt that she will create a marvelous life for herself. Here's to homeschooling (raising my glass of Gin-Tonic), and to your family!

  2. Thank you, Marlis!!! You have been a HUGE part of our homeschooling success; thank you! I am indebted and grateful.

  3. Well, let me try this again: Congratulations to the two of you. What will Cate do now? Go to college? It must be bittersweet.

  4. Don't get me started; I've cried too much this past month! But I am very happy for her, she will be off to the University of Iowa, just an hour away, in three weeks time, to study Chinese and international relations. Thank you, Eva!


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