Friday, August 28, 2015

Not in School: Poor Mom?

No, not "poor mom" and here's why: I keep hearing the joyful exclamations of parents about their children being back in school. I am joyful too; but because there is nowhere else I would rather be! Over the summer, I had a few misgivings about how things would feel in a house where the normal 4 or 5 children was suddenly reduced to 2 every morning. I even fleetingly thought they might be better off in school. Here are some of the things we are doing instead: (as well as yesterday's photos, all from my i-phone, of playing along the Mississippi. The first ones are of a walk we took after dropping off my son at high school Monday morning. Poor us.)

A wall of origami? The result of hours and hours of listening to audio books when Mama was busy or kids were sick...drawing and folding became passions this summer.  When I began to run out of ideas and room to keep all of these paper treasures, I offered the bulletin board as a display area; duly noted and used.

Hanging out together and talking...too rare now that the oldest spend more time out of the house than in.

Taking advantage of the beautiful summertime weather.

Working on special skills: Cate at her brown belt test in kung-fu, with the whole family there to cheer her on. (Just a few days before she left for college.)

With the wonderful Mr. Morrow of Morrow's Academy of Shao-Lin Chuan Kung-fu

Cooking; I have more time for cooking! And cooking surrounded by munchkins drawing and chatting with me is about as lovely as it gets.

Lesson planning...this was a selection of my favorite books for a new homeschooling family. I wish them much happiness.

And words needed for the initiated.


  1. I enjoyed the post and seeing the pictures. Best wishes on a great school year!

  2. Thank you for stopping by, Becki! And thanks for the kind wishes! Your blog is a dream of crocheting photography, I love it! I will be stopping by to check on your knitting endeavors. If you'd like a laugh, I will post my crochet attempts here too once in awhile.

    1. You are a great encouragement. I'm trying to get better as using my camera and my crocheting projects are a ready subject. ;^) I LOVE to see your crocheting attempts! It's so hard to remember when crocheting wasn't something that felt second-nature. Your family looks like it has lots of fun. It's enjoyable to see your blog with older children and their experiences. It makes me wish I had blogged more then about what we did. Enjoy your life! Being a homeschooling family is a wonderful opportunity.


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