Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Da Good Counts Maksh da Good Neighborsh, but the Good Compost?

...I'm afraid my Portuguese neighbor's old adage; "good accounts make good neighbors," as he was giving me change for 5 centimes, or making sure he paid me for a 35-cent baguette, was not one that will hold up to the stench of my newest compost bin. Good compost? Yes, the compost will probably be very nice, if there is not a court-order for its removal before I can use it. As for our dear neighbors to the left; I had really better go ask them if it is a problem for them. Maybe the wind always blows from the north in the summer. any case, it smells like something died and decomposed in it, and except for its daily hosing down, I am not sure what to do about it.

I have tried every method you can imagine of storing and mixing and using compost. I have battled roots growing down into the ground from plants that really looked dead when they went in, or maybe they were banana tree seeds, who knows.
In any case; the "turn over once a week" part was cumbersome, to say the least. The summer before last, my darling husband built us a fresh bin. It was made out of wood, but left open on one side by design. I faithfully added matter and stirred all through the fall and part of the winter, the part before the snow covered everything up and I gave up. When I went to prep my soil for planting the following spring, it was empty; completely empty, spotlessly void of matter. It turns out that the open-side design, so nice for ease of use and probably meant to avoid altogether the stink problem arising from this year's system, was also an open invitation to my dog, the possum and the racoon family that live nearby. I simply hate the aesthetics of the black plastic barrel on a rotisserie stick we were once gifted, I won't have it in my yard. 

So, when I saw these cool rain barrels on a rotisserie stick, (behind the AC):

it looked like the perfect idea; big enough for the great amount of kitchen scraps we produce on a daily basis, strong enough to last, and not too terribly ugly. And when it was delivered, from a local company, about an hour after I had called to order it, it did not smell bad at all.

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