Monday, January 2, 2017

Road Trip: Colorado!

                                                            Just look. Wonder and look.

They ALL love to climb the boulders, it's their mini-Everest. Oldest on top, Charles half-way down. He made the most trips up and down, part mountain-goat, that child.
Mon amouur in our warm and cozy cabin (which was especially warm the first night, as Cate had found the thermostat and cranked it to 79 before we figured out why we were all removing layers of clothing.) She was the child who used to sleep in pj's, a sleeper AND a wool sweater.

Valentine/Ariel, wondering how the heck a mermaid found this comfortable:
 We stay at a YMCA complex when we go; some of the perks: playground equipment by the cabin:
 A lesson in bravery, perseverance and endurance:

This next one, I'll admit, was my: "please get out of the car, the lake is so beautiful and we never did get a family photo!" Alas, there was no one around to snap it, so we are still missing Papa, but look at those colors!
Sleepy brothers on the way:

One last glimpse of the snowy peaks; exhilarating and mournful, but with the promise of home at the end of the road.

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