Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Knitting and Books: An EZ Jacket and the Law

What a week, and it's only Wednesday. Monday night, after clearing a FOOT of snow off my car, there was still parts I could not reach, way in the middle. I had to drive to work Tuesday, with a mohawk on my car. I was not in San Francisco this was Wisconsin.  Trial cancelled and I turned around and drove back home. No cozy nights knitting in my hotel room, no adult dinners with colleagues, hearing about their far away travels and homey projects. But I have the great, big fat joy of being home again with my family, and there is nothing quite as nice in the whole wide world!

Joining Ginny's Yarn Along at

I love the concept of sharing what one is reading and what is on your needles; especially when it is clear that the sorts of people who knit and read seldom have just one of either going at the same time. A choice then, what to share this week? And a chance to be curious, what is everyone else knitting? Here, then, are this week's two obsessions; the EZ Tomten Jacket I really, really want to complete...yesterday, and the dictionary. I kid you not. The more I learn about law, the more I discover I need to learn, and this has been my constant companion day and night while I prepped for a trial earlier this week. So here is an ode to  Elizabeth Zimmerman, and to Jean-Daniel Katz, two maestros.


  1. That jacket is adorable! I love the color blocking :)

  2. Yes, I always need at least one book and one project for easy reading and perhaps another book and project for more serious work.
    I like those colors together, not something I'd think of; I get stuck in ruts sometimes.


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