Thursday, June 15, 2017

Summer Progression

The first of the "summer birthdays" has come and been duly celebrated in our home. Crazy party photos below. It was a big one for him, and a bigger one for Mama; Gael, my youngest is ten. Dang.

Those are spears, made by Charles (leaning against the trampoline), that were thrown at the pinata, along with knive..."historical reencactment" according to his gracious uncle.

Gael is a deeply creative spirit. He starts planning his Halloween costume for next year on November 1st. The haircut is one he dreamed up himself, color and all.
This week, Duncan will turn nineteen; again, eeek. He is the man he claims to be, not the boy he will always be in my heart. Later, in July, Charles will turn thirteen. Gosh.

I thought this would crush me under a sadness I could not imagine bearing, some day. But the desire to remain in the state of mom at home with young children, little ones I can read to and tuck into bed safely at night, though still very strong, has bloomed into something else. I LOVE that four of them are here with me, but I allow myself to enjoy times when they are off doing their own thing as well. We are all growing. That is a beautiful thing.

Gardening every morning for hours, for example, is not an option I had, even a year ago, when at least one or two munchkins would be up and hungry by 7. Now, sleeping in has become their favorite pastime, and my opportunity. My flowers are pretty happy about it too. There may even be some vegetables, they've sprouted at least.  I've been hand-picking pests off of the milkweed, hoping to save any monarch eggs that might be laid this year. I saw a butterfly last week...but no eggs or caterpillars yet. I can take my time in the garden.

The kids will be following some different directions this summer, and I think it will be nice. Gael is heading to day camp for a week, with the Cub Scouts. Charles will be in Boy Scout, away-camp another week, while Valentine is in Guatemala on a church, youth trip at the same time. Cate has already been to Washington DC for a leadership conference for young women through AAUW. (American Academy of University Women). She and her friends did their own fundraising in order to go, They heard and met women who have changed the world in many ways. They came back inspired.

Charles and his father rode the "TOMRV" this past weekend. This stands for "Tour of the Mississippi River Valley," or hell on a bicycle. The weather was in the 90's, and the hills are incredible between Davenport, IA and Dubuque, IA, especially when you wander over to Galena Territory in Illinois on the way. My 12-year-old made it. His dad did too, as well as a couple of other friends and the Scout master extraordinaire, who turns 70 this year. Strangely enough, this one does not figure on my radar of "things I just gotta do."

Did you notice that week where there will only be one child at home? It just so happens that the plays I most wanted to see at the American Players Theatre Festival are on that week as well. One little boy is going to spend some time with his grandparents. His father and I will be enjoying what he would not appreciate at all; "A Midsummer Night's Dream," and "Cyrano." Educating the children is all very well, but the finer things in life need some experience to appreciate. I can't wait!

I think now, it might be time for a shower, some quick tidying up and watching out for waking children. But it's been good to wake up with you.

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  1. Happy Birthday to you! My youngest just turned 9 and we are here at St. Vincent College for student orientation for my oldest, who is 19. I also sometimes miss those days when they were in bed early and just my presence was soothing and made things alright again. Now everything is more complicated, but at the same time, I can see the new people that are emerging and it is fun to watch. Have a wonderful summer!


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