Monday, January 8, 2018

Epiphany...La Fete des Rois

We have come to the last celebration of the Christmas season; Epiphany, or La Fete des Rois; the day the wise men finally arrived after following the star, all the way to the baby Jesus. And we eat cake...must be a remnant of Marie Antoinette in there somewhere. This is my brioche galette des rois: 

But this was nothing, compared with Valentine's master creation of her (she has taken over the tradition, and she is better at it than I ever was); of her buche de Noel;(made from our favorite Julia Child book):

Other Christmas creations, always include gingerbread houses and snowflakes:

Celebrating my two December birthday darlings:

Back to the galette des rois (Epiphany cake)...there are two traditional cakes in France for this feast; I have always made the brioche version; a yeast dough that needs two days to develop: but my ever-patient husband told me last night that he loves the frangipane version; which takes making a mille feuille from scratch, and almond paste. I hate almond paste and not even an excellent French cook would think twice about buying her mille feuille ready-made at the grocery store. Not an option here. I DID once make a mille feuille, from Juila Child's not-so-simplified instructions. Once. But I will give it a try again, soon. He is also waiting for me to finally learn how to make creme brulee...maybe this year! I have made several attempts, even buying my kids' favorite-kitchen-item EVER: a butane torch to burn the caramel. Turns out I am great at the burning part; and I have a bunch of helpers willing to lend a hand, it's the inside that is a little trickier. New opportunities. 

May your 2018 be full of peace, joy, and opportunities seized and lived to the fullest!

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  1. The buche is beautiful! And if you need testers for the creme brulee I'm free :)


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