Friday, August 7, 2020

Homebound After Saying Goodbye to College Student: As Goes My Spirit, So Goes My Knitting or Vice-Versa

I do not think I am quite ready to write about it yet, although it is not a heavy heart today, but a bright, hopeful one for the adventures that lie ahead for her. Here is my child as we left her at her college dorm on Tuesday, all of us smiling as big as we could before the tears escaped. 

My knitting before, on the way to the new place my sweetie will be spending the next 4 years or so, as I wonder what it will be like, for her, for me, for us, and how in the world I am going to manage to say "See you soon, take care, have fun, ma petite chèrie d'amour." 

And after, the determination to be tidy in thoughts and actions vying with the emotions with no such intention. The discipline of lace soothing me into a new rhythm: (Mermaid Walk).


  1. Is this number 3 for you going to college? I hope she will enjoy in and not be intimidated by masks, social distancing, etc. My son returned to his college two days ago. He is a senior now. My daughter still has a few weeks before she has to go back. She will be a sophomore. No further college students so far :).

  2. Hello Eva; yes, she is! Your oldest is a senior; gosh, I seem to remember Jonathon pictures from when he was 10 or 11. This would be the year to keep them all close to home, or maybe I feel that way every year. Thank you for visiting and the empathetic remarks you always offer, one bilingual family Waldorf mama to another. I read your blog each week, but my WP account often does not let me post comments; some weird thing happens when I go to hit "post". I always enjoy your photos of family activities, delicious FOOD!, book recommendations and Waldorf-Catholic lifestyle. If you have not been to Eva's blog, you can find it here:

    1. Oh, that is sad that you cannot comment. Maybe you need a blogger account just for posting? I do have a WP account just for posting on WP blogs. I hope that college is going well for your daughter. Charlotte, who is at Mercyhurst University, has to go online for a week. They have had a sharp rise in COVID cases.


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