Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Day 11: Adult Children...and Visiting!!!

Such a joy I have to share today! I am visiting my eldest kiddo in Chicago. This one somehow managed the thing schools tell parents and kids cannot be done without a perfect GPA, the right classes, the right combination of test score and school activities...TOOT, TOOT, TOOT for homeschooling, (just a warning)...that is to say, homeschooling all the way to college, going to college, and on to grad school with brio. I am so glad she has been free to shape her life the way she sees fit and that she is also sailing Lake Michigan in her free time, having a blast. 

And mama gets to hang out for a few days with her...I feel like inserting a little heart emoji, I should have tried writing this with an i-pad so I could draw silly things; I am that happy. 


I found the emojis! Thanks, Blogger!

The entire apartment building seemed to know that I was coming to visit and repeatedly texted Cate yesterday, offering to take care of me while she was at work. Are you kidding? I got an afternoon to my lonesome in which to write, read and gaze out of the window at a city. No care-taking needed! I met them last night, all as fun and welcoming as she had described. 

During the afternoon, I grocery-shopped from an app and had supplies delivered. After she was home and changed, we cooked dinner together; salmon, quinoa with mushrooms and garlic, a little green salad with a vinagrette and a glass of rosΓ©. Cooking for two is so radically different than cooking for five or six, especially with the appetites of the two youngest boys. It was easy and relaxed and fun.  She told me all about her three jobs, we exchanged court stories (she is a third-year law student) and we talked about home and France and family there. It was so good to be able to give undivided attention to one child at a time, the way that only seems to happen at 1:00 in the morning at home, when someone is awake because they can't sleep. That is when the quiet of the house lends to good discussions, it is also, unfortunately, not when I am my best listening self. I try, because these moments are precious to me, when a kid is given to quiet sharing of hopes, dreams and sometimes worries. But here we were, prime time and just the two of us. So very nice. 

Today is my first ever sailing on the lake outing...I can't wait. I'll try to snap a few photos to share while we're out. The weather looks to be perfectly marvelous; a high of 80, some sun, some clouds and probably nice and windy. This lake is always windy. Wishing you all "Bon vent."

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