Friday, August 13, 2021

PODCAST Creation...French Please!

Introducing...French Please, the Podcast

Find my favorite episode here: Lost Found and How do I Say That Again?

Is French in your dream curriculum this year? As homeschoolers? As a couple? We made something for you! How better to share this language I love than through the spoken word? 



You know a Children's Program: French with Kids was created, as well as two for couples, Advanced and Beginners, all of them with the intention of starting real conversations, face to face, in French between real human beings, but you may not have heard that there is now a podcast, featuring short, sweet episodes of French language, culture and lessons. 

The first seven episodes are a five-step plan for integrating another language into your home, with a few useful French phrases (request and response) of the day. The next are specific to places and tasks in your home; French exchanges here and there, at this time and that, we start with just outside the bathroom door. When we have toured the home, and covered your daily rhythm, we shall venture out into the great world with travel French: including all you would like to do once you arrive. Thierry and I move next to working French, what you will need in a Parisian, Casablanca or Brussels office. Then we explore French around the world, from the isles of Tahiti to the shores of Quebec.

My dream is to make language learning more engaging than it has ever been, to bring it off the screen, out of the book and into your life.

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