Sunday, October 10, 2021

When Love Meets Art: Lana March Interview on French Please

I just spent the day with an extraordinary human. I feel more likely to be loving, to appreciate beauty, to honor the true in each person in my life, to explore art in new ways, listen to more music work on my French grammar. 

This is a feat, and I want you to have the opportunity to hear her in the interview we just completed as well; Lana March, poet, artist, photographer who has chosen the light in all aspects of her life. The podcast will be out this week. Bring some joy to your day, your life, and listen in. 



Lana grew up in Paris, where at the age of six, she heard a voice tell her she was to learn English. She taught herself the language, entirely on her own, until it was finally offered at school in sixth grade. Her teacher was astonished by both her proficiency in a foreign language and the writing talent she possessed in French. She never stopped writing.

Her childhood was a miserable one and she left France as soon as she possibly could, but one day she returned and recreated the City of Light to be the enlightened, beautiful place she knew it could be. She has made her home in California now for many years, but she has traveled far and wide and called Australia home at one point. She agreed to be my guest, my first guest, brave woman, on our podcast, to speak of language, art, music 

As a final gift, Lana read us one of her poems that navigates gracefully, as she does, between English and French. It was a marvelous conversation. 

You can find it on Wednesday on French Please, the podcast we publish that you can hear wherever you like to listen. Today's episode was an interview with my darling husband on his life and languages.

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