Monday, January 24, 2022

Quebec in All Her Glory-Charles André Marchand

Land of French, land of snow, what else do you not know about Canada and in particular, that bit of it that is Quebec? As a child growing up in France, one learns of the Great Separation that almost was, the New France Quebec could have become, that there are bears and cabins in the woods, and great, peaceful expanses of wilderness. I know almost nothing of the very European metropolis that is Montreal. 
Today's guest brings us the music, literature, film, sports, and fine cuisine of this sliver of heaven in the north. Charles André Marchand, a gifted author, sports radio host at 91,9 Sports, journalist, interpreter, actor, and more, kindly agreed to sit down and chat with Thierry and me, and we discovered just how cool (how French for Thierry, how French AND North American for me) is the land of Quebec, and how much one life can contain. Join us for a rollicking walk through the quartiers of Montreal, football, history, and culture.
Books by Charles André Marchand, first, his latest work of fiction, Arcade et Gail, Volume One, Les Amours Impossibles, and Volume Two, co-authored with Katherine Girard. His latest non-fiction works are two volumes of Pégre QC, a history of the underworld of Quebec which was simply fascinating, the most fast-paced non-fiction I have read in ages. These are in French, as are his earlier works, but if you are looking for a good audiobook to slow down and listen to, Pègre Quebec is a great choice, especially if you happen to be a court interpreter and/or a history buff. I am both!

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