Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday We Wash

So what does a homeschooler do all day? Just like "normal" people; we cook, we clean, we wash and dry doll clothes. The girls spent a looong time washing out their dolls' wardrobes and delicate handknits.

We also build; with blocks, with sand, with glue and light bulbs and spray paint. We visit with grama and grampa, pass from daisy to brownie scouts. We star in musicals, play at the beach and color ourselves blue.
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  1. Oh, I know what the lightbulb creation was all about... I just love photos so much that I looked at all of them before reading!!! :)

    I love homeschooling!

  2. You're funny...and so are my kids! Thanks for stopping by, Tammy!


  3. What a lovely way to spend your days.


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