Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day Eight in Days of Joy: Trick-or-Treating

A joy of childhood with no equal; running up and down the neighborhood streets in the dark, dressed up and gathering insane amounts of candy. It was, according to my husband who stayed home to give out candy, rather than freezing his sitting-down-parts out in the cold like some of us, a perfect Halloween night. The wind picked up and with it the leaves went flying in great waves everywhere. The rain abated for a few blessed hours and all was color and wind and spookiness. Truly a grand occasion.

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  1. Oh my goodness - I am so glad you found my blog & I, yours :D Yes, there are quite a lot of kindred connections between us...
    Well, first of all, Happy Halloween! Second of all, I am also a theatre major, we love Ren faires, my dream is to have 5 kids, I dream of living in Italy, but would take France any day (took French in highschool), am trying to raise the girls to be multi-lingual, we make homemade pizza once a week, we have rats and I'm an AP'er - woo hoo! We have been centering a lot on Waldorf, but I am a huge TJ Ed & unschooling fan (saw Oliver DeMille speak at our state hs convention in 2008). Anyway, I am going to put your blog down on mine so I can follow you on your journey & keep in touch! Oh and if you have time, I would LOVE to hear about your farm in France! Merci :D & Joyeux Halloween!


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