Thursday, October 29, 2009

Days of Joy; day five and six; feet and fire

Once my little guy came down with this nasty flu, my arms have been full of him for hours on end, so no blogging, despite my best intentions to make this a daily affair.

I am most grateful to have a healthy body, including feet clad in speedy sneakers, to run up and down stairs, bringing tea, treats, remedies, hugs and kisses to my munchkins.

Having a home with a fireplace in it is another on my "most grateful" list. For me, it makes everything cozy and homelike to be able to bring in wood, shake the snow off my boots and light a fire. It has been extra nice this week as a source of warmth and a place to gather to hear stories or play Nintendo or draw.


  1. Off topic here, with some more blogging advice - go to your Blogger profile page and check the box that says "enable public access to email." When you leave me a comment, currently I cannot reply directly to you. If you don't want your regular email available to blog readers, set up a separate gmail account just for Blogger. That's what I do.

    And here is what I wanted to ask you - did the worms smell, or not?

  2. Worms are NOT smelly, thank you for the blogging tips, changed my profile location but can't find the email enabler.

    I love your blog, Dick Van Dike is our family's favorite DVD. I would like to copy your idea of pretend names for the kids, have a paranoid dh too and I'm sick of trying to find a non-patriarchal way of naming each child. I hate the "MY 10-year-old," it just sounds wrong. Is that OK with you?

    Thanks again!

  3. These are definitely things to be joyful about...especially that cozy fireplace! :)


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