Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day Twenty-Eight in Days of Joy

And Counting

It was either a tiring week or one lacking in inspiration, but here I am, a whole week later and no days of joy entries. So, the three days to come will be days of joy, each and every one.

Today is show day; the three oldest are in a play called "The Christmas Wizard of Oz," and I know it will be a great day.

PS It is Monday and I have gained some perspective, in retrospect, of course, on the crazy week it seemed to be last week. We lead a very boring life, all in all. Normally, we are home in the evenings together. The kids fight about setting the table, forget the water, argue about who has to get up and get the water, we eat dinner, read a story (while the two-year-old wreaks havoc). They scuffle while they brush their teeth, need one more drink, have one more question, one more booboo that requires a band-aid or homeopathy, then all are tucked into bed by 8. Last week we had something else going on every single wonder! It was a good week; a first day of Advent tea and decorating of the whole house in one fell swoop, play rehearsal almost every night, a guitar concert/open coffee house where Aragorn debuted his guitar-strummin' stuff, then the play. Lots of joys, lots of complications.

We really do create our own problems and their solutions, on lucky days.

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