Saturday, November 28, 2009

Days of Joy: Day Twenty-Seven

Giving Thanks

The day of Thanksgiving was a glowing, happy day of family, food and joy, the way you hope it will turn out. The children got along (having more tv and game screens than the total number of children had to help, sigh), the adults were kind to each other and nothing got burnt. All of this without excess alcohol consumption...mainly, perhaps, because my sister is expecting again, after an eleven year hiatus between children, it will be twelve by the time baby arrives. I am delighted for her and her family. I am so happy to think I will be an auntie again...a new baby to cuddle and spoil.

Thank you to all involved, from the cooks to the cleaners to the drivers (I got to knit and nap both ways). Happy Advent to all, may the coming season of Hannukah, Christmas or Solstice be a blessed one.

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  1. So glad your Thanksgiving was a day to be added to your Days of Joy! :)


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