Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's New Around Here?

Well, not the snow, as it is still covering everything, unless it is the fresh three inches we got yesterday. The kids went sledding with their favorite neighbor while I let baby take a nap on my lap. He has a miserable cold and can't sleep lying down.

Aragorn is busy writing a story about a jailer in Medieval Times. I have given up on historical accuracy, accepting instead some pretty creative writing and humor. Lily is vacillating between a story on a botanist/doctor in Queen Elizabeth I's court and a Spanish princess who has been sent to dwell there. She has written a play on the theme, short, but funny, and they are all rehearsing it in the basement. The old living room curtains have been hauled out and hung, along with Christmas lights to give it all dramatic flair.

Eleanor is intent upon thwarting my best Waldorf efforts to allow Arthur to remain in a dreamy, child-like place by teaching him to read. I meet with great resistance from the other kids when I request that he not be taught to read. "What!? Why do you want him to be dumb his whole life? He WANTS to learn! Let him read!" Ah, the critics have spoken, but I remain in charge. Well, sort of.

The girls have their first piano recital coming up this weekend...nerves are a little frazeled, but moral is good.

This morning we had a sticky time doing Hershey's fraction work, too much chocolate was eaten by all, and a good review of fractions, basic and advanced.

Time for Kung-Fu, the latest passion of the family. When the four oldest (13,11,8 and 5) get suited up in their white uniforms, it is very cute. Watch out bad guys, they are ready for you!


  1. You lead a great life, full of movement and creativity. cheers Marie

  2. Thank you for the encouragement! We are most fortunate indeed. New Zealand still sounds like a fantastic place to be though! So is it hot and muggy down under?

  3. What a terrific job the girls did today! I am so proud of them!

  4. Thank you,Amie, our wonderful piano teacher! You do so well encouraging them, we appreciate it.


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