Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mammitoe By Lily

Mammitoe was our rat. He died on Saturday, March 6Th. He was, in rat years, about eighty years old, and in human years, just over two. Our first rat died struggling and sick, our second rat was put to sleep after having a large tumor, and our bird died of an overly large hart. Mammitoe died of old age, and had the best life that a rat could have had. His kind of rat was bred for snake food, so he would have died when he was just a few weeks old. When he knew that it was time, he went into his small rat bed, curled up, and died. He was always calm, and accepted life the way it was. I was the one who found him, cold and stiff, just before pizza night. Everyone came around to see him. There was a lot of sobbing and crying, but the two year old puck did not understand. Mammitoe was buried the next day in the back yard, in a place near a bush where, in May, there are yellow flowers on the the bush, and white flowers on the ground. Mammitoe died as he did everything, calm, and accepting.


  1. Sorry for the loss of your rat. He truly was a great friendly rat - even I liked him.


  2. Outstanding writing Lily!


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