Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day Eighty-Nine of Ninety Days in France

Day Eighty-Nine

Sick kids. Does this happen to everyone else too in the last hours before a trip? Two of my little munchkins, the youngest, had red-hot, burning up fevers all night. The kind where they cry because their throats hurt so much they can't stand it, their heads hurt worse and we change the sheets so many times we lose count from various leaking or spurting bodily fluids.

Tonight is so much better. A third one is ill, fever, hallucinations, (he keeps waking up and yelling "don't take the plane without me!"), and it is as hot as an oven in here so no one can get to sleep. I wish I wasn't wondering how on earth I could be cruel enough to drag them onto an airplane to get home, but plan B seems out of the question.

Today my little Arthur turned six, sweet guy. Some birthday! An aching head, a doctor appointment, parents crazy with attempting to stuff an entire apartment into five suitcases and nothing on television. It was somewhat redeemed by lunch with his grandparents, a movie on tv in the afternoon, and last visits with cousins, uncles, aunts and his beloved great-grandmother. The warmth of the family rivals the warmth of the weather and comforts us much more as we prepare to leave.

That's where the post ended, I was out of inspiration, out of energy and ready to get home. I'll make the post-script into a new entry, we need a little comic relief after that!

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  1. Every. single. time. PL or DW or I get sick every single time we travel by plane. Hope they're all feeling better soon.


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