Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our New, Permanent Menu for the Week

This was thought up in some haste, just before grocery shopping the other day, so it may not be as perfectly balanced in meal choices as future or past menus have been. Our goal was to write it down and stick to it, simplify this one aspect of life right now. It is basically healthy, includes no non-foods or artificial anythings, and does include easy-prep and advance-prep meals. Bon appetit!

Day:                                                Lunch:                                                    Dinner:

Sunday      sweet potatoes, rice and beans              fried fish, green beans, potatoes

Monday     quesadillas, cucumbers, carrots          hamburgers and fries, tomatoes, lettuce

Tuesday     pasta, tomato sauce, sugar snap peas    chicken, vegetable stir-fry, rice

Wednesday   sandwiches, raw veggies                     Italian sausage soup, salad

Thursday     rice salad                                              lasagna, carrot salad

Friday        salad w/hard-boiled eggs, bacon, bread    pasta or leftovers, salad

Saturday     baked potatoes and ham                          pizza night (homemade pizza)

made ahead, for the whole month: Italian sausage soup, lasagna, hamburgers
prepped ahead: grate cheese for quesadillas, carrots, celery, broccoli, etc. cut up, lettuce washed and stored in containers for the week (dried well in a salad spinner), same day prep; grate carrots for carrot salad, cut potatoes for fries, soak until frying, cook rice and chop veggies for rice salad
dessert: is yogurt or fruit


  1. I must say that I am very impressed with you menu. It looks easy, convenient, pre-preppable (look I coined a new word LOL) and tasty! I am curious how to handle the fussy eaters in your home? I would love to do something like this but my kids are a bit fussy when it comes to the food their Dad and I like to eat. Also, since we eat a lot of Indian vegetarian food which our munchkins don't like I have to find healthy alternatives for them. Any suggestions? thanks

  2. I'm on board. Made my menu Saturday and I have to say, I have an overwhelming sense of calm for the month. I'm only committing to an identical menu for April. We'll see how it goes! Thanks so much for sharing this journey.


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