Friday, April 8, 2011

Adults Have ADD too, We Call it "Multitasking"

Quote from Kim John Payne's lecture on Simplicity Parenting. That would explain why I have not yet announced the winner of the diaper cover from Motherease (I will do so tomorrow), but that is not the reason I have not posted anything interesting this week. I have, in fact, been concentrating my efforts on two things. The first is the sweater I have finished knitting for Pierre and have been working on all the little finishing touches; (grafting the armpits, stitching and steeking (which means to slice through my beautiful stitches, right down the middle of the sweater in order to form a cardigan, it was the first time and it took me about three weeks to actually pick up the scissors, weaving in a million ends, making the skull patch that will adorn the left shoulder, and putting in the zipper, my least favorite and very last step. Second, but not in priority, of course, (really!) my children and their schooling, we've had a wonderful week of chemistry, time outside, stories from the Grimm Brothers, measuring and planning for a building project and drawing together.

The reason you have not seen any other a mystery. The photo I posted yesterday or the day before DID show up when I hit "view blog" the first day. Last night I realized that it had disappeared, like the others on Monday. Luckily the kids were in bed, because I had a few choice words that I would otherwise have been forced to keep all bottled up inside..."breathing in, I calm my body..." (Thich Nhat Hahn).

Next up: the last bastion in the four-step process of simplifying parenting: discipline.


  1. Hahahahah, in that case dear, all homeschooling parents have it. I was doing some crochet work while helping Bear read and Missy with her science work. Of course at the same time I keep an eye on my crackberry for e-mails and take phonecalls from the office.

  2. Ooo, what a talented woman you are! Seriously, running a business at the same time as you homeschool is more common than you would think, and I am amazed at the incredible women who do both!

  3. Well, lets not get to many kudos heading my way. Honestly, i have it easier because I have employees. There are still things I need to do which they cannot but I am pretty lucky!


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