Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Going Plasticless; begin with a basket, fill with cloth bags...

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  1. You must have seen those a lot in France/Europe, right? In Germany everybody uses cloth bags and has been for ages. But many grocery stores here now offer cloth bags also. But as long as people have a choice, not much will change, I'm afraid.

  2. Yes, you're right, Eva. It began with a campaign before the turn of the century. One supermarket (France's equivalent to Walmart)put up billboards all over with white plastic grocery bags ruining nature. Then they began to phase them out; first selling bags as an option to little plastic ones, then doing away entirely with the small plastic ones, leaving no option but to bring or buy your own. Most stores have followed suit, and it became second nature in France to bring along your baskets and bags, most of them cloth today.

    It is so much easier to load and unload 5 or 6 bags instead of 25 after shopping!


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