Saturday, September 10, 2011

Great Expectations

are not always As You Like It, sometimes they are more akin to A Comedy of Errors. When it comes to computers, I often feel like I am falling through a rabbit hole and I need a little Persuasion to get back on track. Today's experience was no exception. I began the day with a new intention; 30 days of keeping one daily habit, mine was to work on my book for 1 hour a day. It will feel like Paradise Found to finally finish a book.

Only, my google-doc-thingy, once opened, would not allow me to edit my book.
It is behaving like Frankenstein, zero cooperation. I've searched North and South for a key or a word that would permit me to unblock the stupid thing and no avail. I suppose it is only a fit Punishment for the Crime of not having attempted to edit this first book for a century or so, or at least not since around 1984.

I had decided that between work, household duties and attempting to do a good job of raising my Little Women and Little Men, I would give myself a little break and not stress about when I called it done. No sense in putting myself on The Trial for being human. I know you will understand, dear reader, as most of you are either Wives and Daughters or Sons and Lovers.

However, I really thought this new idea was a good one. I have heard of forming a new habit in 21 days, I have attempted NaNo (the writing month of November), but this Will mean one hour a day, which is what I normally spend writing/on the computer in the morning. So, I guess this is a form of Confession, that even though my thoughts are On Liberty and freeing myself from writer's block, it seems that my creative efforts have fallen on Hard Times this morning.


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