Monday, September 5, 2011

Puppy Love?

Why does my head completely disregard the age of my body? I found myself, bag in hand, heading out to jump the chain link fence to surreptitiously enter the neighbor's back yard. How did I get to the point I found myself in, of hoping against hope that this particular neighbor liked to sleep in on a Labor Day morning as, nose to the ground, I crept around the lawn clad in nothing but a pair of short pyjama bottoms, a hoodie and tennies with no socks? (have I mentioned how much I hate the feeling of sneakers with no socks? the reason, I am sure, I was not cool in high school.)

Blame it on the dog. Him really tries to be a berry good puppy, except for him's nasty habit of preferring to poo on a carpeted surface, especially if it is raining and the grass is cold and wet all the way up to his short little shoulders. It stinks being short. So I follow him like a hawk when I take him outside to take care of business, it is all business until we're done. 

But Tuxy, being a puppy, takes any opportunity to frolick and run. I neglected to put him on a leash today. He usually does fine, first thing in the morning, without a leash. He stayed right next to me for the longest time, and then, my gaze must have followed a flock of geese for a moment, he was wriggling his furry little body under the fence, into the yard next door. I used my "open the door to the house" trick to entice him back and grabbed the leash while I was at it. Time elapsed with back turned; maybe 25 seconds. He was back and attached in record time. But as I continued to wait, puppy on leash now, for the next 20 minutes for the act to appear, I wondered; "could he have done it when I ran inside, in the NEIGHBOR'S YARD? Ugh, not cool.

So there I was, vaulting over the fence, at 6am, praying for the miracle of a sleeping neighborhood, and wondering if my hip was going to heal quickly from the damage I'd done while leaping from the fence into the dewy grass. Serves me right.


  1. That's the advantage of a moose like Archie. He is much too big to squeeze through anywhere. Enjoyed the visual though. LOL

  2. Lucky you! Then again, mine still can't jump up on the sofa or the TABLE! Not saying yours is, just past experience.

  3. Does your neighbour read your blog ? Best thoughts from France, St├ęphanie

  4. No, thank goodness! My OTHER neighbors might have read it, but I am safe on that side of the fence! Ah...the freedom of hedged-in yards in France! (I kinda like the open ones here, but there are days when a little more privacy would be nice!)

    Hugs to you, Stephanie!


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